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Festival Elétrico

2019 a magical and energetic year for elétrico

In the last weekend of July, Pasteleira Park received Elétrico Festival – Porto Music Experience, for the second year in a row. Overall it was more than 40 hours of pure electronic music, good vibes and perfect Summer weather. More than 7 thousand people visited this unique festival.

On Friday afternoon, the festival’s first day, the DJ’s booth opened with two Portuguese DJ’s: João Dinis and Diana Oliveira, that warmed up the afternoon for Janus Rasmussen, from Kiasmos. The man that followed, straight from New York City, was Levon Vincent, with a two hour intensive and interventive set.

But the big surprise of the night was reserved for the moment that Inner City stepped on stage and took Pasteleira Park by storm directly to the 80’s techno, a gift from Detroit to the world, in the words of the bandleader, Kevin Saunderson. The end of the first day was scheduled for a powerful set that only Marcel Dettmann could bring.

Saturday was the day reserved for the most minimal and profound electronic music. The first hours of the afternoon brought the sun and with it came on stage Vasco Valente in a B2B set with Tiago Carvalho, this set was followed by the Lisbon based DJ Magazino. The rest of the afternoon was in the hands of Maayan Nidam that unfolded her minimal techno for 2 hours.

European dance music was the tone of the day and Petre Inspirescu was the man that stepped on stage and brought nothing else but the greatest Balkanic minimal and hypnotic techno. For 3 hours Inspirescu took the festival on a true RoMinal musical journey. The French electronic group, Apollonia were the men in charge to make the transition between the minimal of the earlier hours and the life force that Kerri Chandler is… and was about to arrive.

And it was exactly with Chandler that the day came to an end, in a performance that connected electronic music and the American blues, of Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin.

Sunday was marked by a familiar and relaxed environment, on a perfect Summer day. A lot of music lovers looked for some shadow in the resting areas and under the trees in the first afternoon hours, while enjoying the good vibes of Matthew Herbert.

If the temperature was already high, it got even higher when Theo Parrish presented Elétrico’s crowd with an amazing 3-hour set. And it was close to sunset that the Detroit hero, Moodyman started spinning plates and played hip-hop, techno and even post-punk sounds.

It was around 11:00 pm that the speakers went quiet and Rui Vargas was the elected man to close the night and the festival, in repetition to what happened in 2018. It was in the final minutes of Vargas set that the crowd raised their arms in applause and cheered the success of Elétrico’s festival, in an edition that overcame everyone’s expectations and left in the air the anticipation of what is in store for 2020.

The promise was made and Elétrico will be back spreading good energies and positive vibes.

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