Honey Redmond was born in Chicago and had the best school, and probably after-classes, with the living legends of this movement. Derrick Carter first, Danny Tenaglia after, clearly jump in sight. In dance electronics, as in life, Miss Honey Dijon does not see genres, races or musical styles. She sees the warmth of the dance floor, the energy emanating from it, and the tantric state of mind of dancing forever. Has been djing for a couple of decades, but the album she edited in late 2017 – “The Best Of Both Worlds” – by Classic Records brought her to the big stages. And it fits her. Tight!

“we are the soldiers of the underground, protectors of the faith…. we will maintain! ”

Music video

Honey Dijon Boiler Room x Sugar Mountain 2018 DJ Set

Revel in the magic of the best. Honey Dijon stopping time with her Sugar Mountain set in Melbourne.