Thomas Franzmann aka Zip aka Dimbiman, is the “boss” of Perlon. Nothing more would be added, if the underground dance music had the hype of a saint’s festival. Perlon’s records on the most demanding dance floors, are like sardines and cornbread in our own Saint John’s street festival: indispensable. German, 48 years old, and in the music since the early age of 16. Had two bands – Second Voice and Bigod 20 – in his youth, followed by an audio-visual project – Pile – with Markus Nikolai and Chris Rehberger. With Nikolai, in 1997, he gives birth to Perlon. 21 years later, the record label goes on its 116th release, stays true to the vinyl exclusive releases and has rarities being sold for several hundred euros in the madness of Discogs. There are not many in the world who choose music like Thomas Franzmann. He is choosing it for us, at Elétrico, in July!

Music video

Zip @ Dimbiman Bonusbums

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