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Apollonia is the label, and the stage-name, that brings together Dyed Soundorom, Dan Ghenacia and Shonky. From France to the world, the trio splits their life between the studio in Berlin, the residences in Ibiza, and the tours through the best clubs and festivals of the movement. The label was founded in 2012, and in it’s 32 releases, we find House Music in all its spectrum and opulence, that goes from the “old school” of Kerri Chandler, Jovonn and Callisto, to the “new-school” of The Martinez Brothers, IO (Mulen) and Diego Krause. The debut of Apollonia in Porto is scheduled for July, in Elétrico!

Diana Oliveira

Diana Oliveira war born in Lisbon, grew up in Braga, but it was in the underground circuit of Porto that this “Kadupul” flowered. Diana is the striker at RDZ Music Agency, resident DJ at Industria Club, and its exquisite taste, coupled with the charismatic presence, take us on an intimate journey, from the most sensitive and profound fields of House to the most hypnotic sounds and grooves of Techno. In July, at the Elétrico garden.


Julian Veniel was born in Paris, and his career, faithful to the music that fills his soul, takes almost 25 years and makes him one of the main names of the French “underground scene”. He has a monthly residency since 1997 at the Rex Club under the name “Bass Culture”. This concept would become his own record label – Bass Culture Records – in 2009. D’Julz’s productions began in the 1990s and it is imperative to mark the records in labels as Josh Wink’s Ovum Recordings, Steve Bug’s Systematic Recordings or Anja Schneider’s Mobilee Records. D’julz chooses the music in July in Porto, at Elétrico!

Helena Guedes

Helena Guedes is a Porto native and she started spinning records three years ago. The short career of DJ, contrasts with a life running for the groove. Music lover by profession, found in DJing the perfect hobby to show the world the music that fills her soul. She grew up listening to Soul, Disco and Boogie of the 70s and 80s, and Hip Hop, Acid Jazz and Broken Beat that emanated in the 90s from London. She played in practically every club in town and this summer, she premieres at festivals like Serralves in Festa, Electrico, Lisb-On and Southern Soul Festival (Montenegro).

Inner City

Founded in 1987 by Detroit techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson, Inner City was one of the first bands to take electronic dance music to global charts. Five times in the first place of Billboard and seven times in the Top 40 of the UK Chart, with super-classics such as Good Life and Big Fun, that became a major influence to British bands like Soul II Soul and Massive Attack. Originally with Paris Grey as lead singer, Inner City has now been reinvented, thirty years later, and Kevin Saunderson now joins his younger son, Dantiez, and vocalist Steffanie Christi'an. Inner City, live, in July at Elétrico!

Janus Rasmussen

Janus Rasmussen comes from Reykjavik, in Iceland, but was born in the remote Faroe Islands. He is the central figure of the electro-pop band “Bloodgroup” and half of Kiasmos, project that shares with the distinguished multi-instrumentalist Ólafur Arnalds. Janus has just launched his solo career, and his debut album – “VIN” – is scheduled to be released on March 29 on Ki Records, the label of Christian Löffler. Janus Rasmussen presents his new album, live, in July at Elétrico.

João Dinis

João Dinis is the founder of Primeira Linha, the Porto promotor that specializes in the most eclectic groove, and which has brought to Portugal the finest names of Brazilian music. In addition to the vast musical culture, he owns a collection of records that makes the Gods jealous. João has the homeric mission to choose the first songs of this edition of Electrico Festival!

João Tenreiro

João Tenreiro is from Porto and grew up literally surrounded by records. At an early age was already listening to Kruder & Dorfmeister, Fila Brazillia, Moodymann or Idjot Boys. Is an avid vinyl collector, started spinning them at Passos Manuel in 2012, and up to clubs like Industria Club or Lux and festivals like Lisb-On Sonoro, it was a short trip. And he is again on the move: João at Elétrico, in July!

Kerri Chandler

Kerri Chandler is an institution. He was born into a family of musicians and began attending the revolutionary New York clubs of the 1980s at the age of 13. He has been a DJ for over 30 years and produced the first EP – Super Love / Get It Off – for Atlantic Records in 1991. Following, he released five albums, more than a hundred singles/EPs and three founded 3 record labels – Madhouse, Madtech and most recently, 2016, Kaoz Theory. He played 7 straight hours on his last visit to Porto, in what might have been the most epic night of the season at Industria Club, and he’s back in July for Elétrico.

Leo Cruz

Leo Cruz is the true definition of being underground. Without big "marketing stunts", it's the music that speaks louder. An avid vinyl collector, he's been playing in every club of Portugal, and is now at Electrico Festival to share with us the best selection of Funk, Soul and Disco, peppered with the best that the Chicago House has to offer.

Levon Vincent

Levon Vincent was born in Houston, Texas, grew up in New York but is currently living in Berlin. He began djing during his adolescence, he experienced closely the “boom” of House, and at the turn of the century, ended up dedicating himself 100% to electronic dance music. It was at the Halcyon Record Shop that it all started. There he met Anthony Parasole, with whom he would found Deconstruct, and Jus-Ed, who would play a key role in his globalization as a producer, due to his Underground Quality Records. In 2008, Levon Vincent started his own record label – Novel Sound – where he released more than twenty EPs, two albums, and with them came the recognition of his work as essential and revitalizing for the New York House and Techno scene.

Maayan Nidam

Maayan Nidam was born in Israel, has lived all over the world, and resides now in Berlin. The multi-cultural facet is also reflected in the various pseudonyms in which she expresses herself. Has music released in Freak N ‘Chick, Contexterrior and Circus Company, as Miss Fitz, and in Raum Musik and Oslo, as Laverne Radix. Maayan Nidam is now a part of the Parisian collective Yoyaku and has just released her third album of originals – “Sea Of Thee” – in the mythical Perlon. Presents it live, in July at Elétrico!


Magazino is the striker of Bloop Recordings, the record label and event producer based in Lisbon, that brings joy and culture to dance floors all the way from Braga to Portimão. More than 20 years on the road, divided between Del Costa and Magazino, made the former young goalkeeper of Vitoria de Setúbal, one of the country's most irreverent activists and disc-jockeys. But, more cleary, it all boils down to this: Never trust a DJ who does not dance. And Magazino dances like there’s no tomorrow. Hops on Elétrico, on the July 27th!

Marcel Dettmann

Ostgut Ton, another by TON-A, and several EPs on the same Ostgut Ton, 50Weapons and by his MDR (Marcel Dettmann Records). In the dj booth? There will still be a tropical storm, cyclone or hurricane that lives up to that name, and it is unmistakably one of the main characters of the several times named film for the “Oscars” of this movement, called Berghain! Back on stage, in Oporto, in July, at Elétrico!

Maria Gambina

Maria Gambina is one of the most respected Portuguese fashion designers. The refined taste she has for her productions, is mirrored in every aspect of her everyday life, as well as in the music she collects. In clothes, as in music, it's just beautiful patterns! She will be sharing them with us, at Elétrico Festival, in July!

Matthew Herbert

Matthew Herbert is forty-seven years old, is English and one of the geniuses of contemporary music. Twenty-three self-titled albums, plus half a dozen like Doctor Rockit, Radio Boy and Wishmountain, and countless EPs ranging from classic labels such as Phono and Clear, to more recent ones such as Curle or Hypercolour. It is more than twenty years of music defined by experimental aesthetics, and the balance between outrageous sampling and groove for the dance floor, in which also relies the bedrock of his own label, Accidental, that Matthew founded in 2000, and counts close to one hundred and fifty releases. Having Matthew Herbert playing records for us at Parque da Pasteleira, in July, will be one of the most awaited moments of this Elétrico Festival!


Moodymann is the stage name of Kenny Dixon Jr., one of the living legends of Detroit, and dance music. A true activist, one of the keepers of what is purer, deeper and beautiful, in this art that the business aims to control. A tweenty more year career, with twelve albums, several dozens of EPs and two labels – “KDJ” and “Mahogani Music” – where we find records of geniuses like Theo Parrish or J Dilla. From the Detroit ghetto to the Pasteleira Parque, the one and only, Moodymann!

Petre Inspirescu

Petre Inspirescu is one of the most influential DJs and Romanian producers, and one of the main responsibles for the rise of the most trendy sub-genre of House and Techno, of last years, the Rominimal. Pedro was born in Bucharest, is a member of A:RPIA:R, the collective and record label the brings him together with Rhadoo and Raresh, and has another project – πEnsemble – where he explores his experimental side, and merges minimal and abstract techno with modern and contemporary classic. Modern, contemporary and classic, that’s it, Petre Inspirescu is one of the special ones and comes in July to Elétrico, to share his record collection with us!

Rui Vargas

Rui Vargas is the “Guru” of dance music in Portugal. Has been spinning records since 1988, is the Dalai Lama of Lux Frágil, and a kind of Saramago at the national radio, where he weekly tells an impossible story, of love and wisdom. If you can listen, hear. If you can hear, dance. Rui Vargas, Sunday 22nd, at Elétrico.

Theo Parrish

Theo Parrish was born in Washington, grew up in Chicago during the “big-bang” of House, and at the age of thirteen began to buy and mix records. From the influence of icons such as Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Hendrix and Miles Davis, and the mixing skills of pioneers like Ron Hardy, Larry Heard, Lil Louis and Frankie Knuckle, was born the ambition to push forward the movement, and produce dance music that blends Jazz, Soul, House and Techno, with loads of experimentalism. In more than thirty years of career, recorded seven original albums and founded four record labels – Sound Signature, Peacefrog, Sumerge and Ugly Edits. Theo Parrish comes to Elétrico in July for an extended three hours dj set!

Tiago Carvalho

Tiago Carvalho was born in Porto, graduated in Sound Design, and since 2005 he follows closely the world clubbing movement and is well integrated in Porto’s underground community. Among the international stars with whom he already shared the cabin, we highlight some of his greatest influences, such as Fumiya Tanaka, Delano Smith, Moodymann and Nicolas Lutz. Without prejudices in genres wise, he doesn’t do any favors and plays deep and well-designed music. With him he brings the perfect blend, among the coolest pumps and many timeless classics. He has been in the RDZ Music Agency since 2014 and is a local hero at Industria Club.

Vasco Valente

Vasco Valente was born between walls of shale, hand planted by anonymous sculptors of the Douro World Heritage. Dj since 2005, is nowadays resident and content director of Industria Club, RDZ and Elétrico Festival. In music, as in wine, his sets are colored with House, exude aromas of ripe Deep, tasteful flavors of fresh Techno, and the end is long, persistent and full of Disco.

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