5 / 6 / 7 JULY 2025

Elétrico is more than an electronic music festival. It’s an outdoor experience of music, art, and technology.

Held in Porto, the festival is born from the culture and character of the city, celebrating its nature, energy, and the sun.

JULY 5 / 6 / 7

Here, the activities go beyond the stage,

in an inclusive and family-like environment.

2024 Aftermovie



A celebration of underground electronic music, with a lineup that includes some of the biggest international and Portuguese names.


This is one of the pillars of the festival. The Mupi Gallery and the Elétrico Art Fair aim to establish contact between local artists and the public.

Press start

A place for conferences and dialogue, dedicated to innovation and technology. 


The core of the festival’s energy. An area devoted to Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation.


An inclusive, family-like area, with activities for children and the whole family.


One of the long awaited debuts of this year’s Elétrico is Cruz. At the forefront of the lisbon-based Bloop imprint, which has given him something of a cult following from Portugal to South America, Cruz’s pure approach to sound fits like a glove in an event like ours, that places music and dance at the front and centre of the stage.


Friday - 14:00
Long established in the Portuguese scene, Tiago Carvalho has finally reached a level of notoriety that matches his skills. A restless digger obsessed with detail, his performances over a decade and a half in the scene have taken him to the biggest stages in the country, and have made him a fixture of practically every Elétrico. Stick around and listen to him, you may just learn something new.

Tiago Carvalho

Friday - 14:00
A core pillar of the Portuguese scene, Solid Funk has done it all. A digger by nature, it is no surprise that he has always been an early adopter of the musical genres, artists and concepts that eventually became household names. At Elétrico he’ll show us once more why he is always ahead of the curve.

Solid Funk

Friday - 16:00
Joy Orbison commands a serious following, and for good reason. For 15 years, his eclectic blend of UK Garage, Breaks, and Jungle have kept him as a mainstay of the biggest and best venues, the world over. This July he adds Elétrico to that list.

Joy Orbison

Friday - 18:00
Debuting in this year’s edition is DJ Holographic. A powerful embodiment of America’s most groundbreaking music scenes, expect Detroit Techno, House, Disco, Motown, R&B and everything in between. Small wonder then that she chose the hologram – a multi-dimensional image – as her artistic reference, after all, hers is a coin of many faces.

DJ Holographic

Friday - 20:00
Simply put, Kristian Beyer is a genius. Few could aspire to have a his impact on the taste of the times. Make no mistake, his presence for this year’s Elétrico is another obvious reason to be afraid to miss out.


Friday - 22:00
Dixon is one of a kind. A towering figure and influence for the past 20 years, his performance in Elétrico will be another step in a long and fruitful relationship with Porto.


Friday - 22:00


Don’t let her youth deceive you, Diana’s been a fixture of the main stages of this country for so long that it's hard to figure out where to start a short bio. As a DJ, she’s shared the decks with the biggest in the game, as a producer on labels like Discotexas she’s been a mainstay of the national charts, for Elétrico, she’s been a foundation from the moment we set the first stone, time to set another one.

Diana Oliveira

Saturday - 14:00
A gifted musician in the most literal of senses, Klin Klop returns to Elétrico for another small step in her skyrocketing way up. As notorious for her productions, that range from the dancefloor to the movie screen, as she is for her violin-wielding live-act and DJ heroics, having her on board is synonymous with a good time, and that's what we are here for.

Klin Klop

Saturday - 14:00
Madd Rod is the most unique DJ you never heard of, or maybe you have but you weren’t paying attention. Playing the genres that most don’t know exist, creating distorted leftfield music, combining beats and rhythms that others overlook, that's just a small part of all that goes on in the sonic adventures of one of Portugal’s most fascinating artists. Already booming beyond our borders, it’s very good to know he's got the time to debut at Elétrico, sit or stand, keep your ears peeled, because this, is something completely different.

Madd Rod

Saturday - 16:00
Characterized by his highly energetic and emotional sound, it is hard to find anyone who could remain indifferent to the music of Xinobi. One of Portugal’s main musical exports and influences, and owner of a myriad of musical virtues, it was about time we had him do his Elétrico debut.


Saturday - 16:00
A globetrotter and a production powerhouse, Tiga is a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene, iconic in his aesthetic and always surprising in his delivery, Elétrico is your best opportunity to see him up close.


Saturday - 18:00
Michael Mayer is an artist without whom the history of electronic music can’t be told. If for no other reason, because most of the anthems that have marked the past 30 years of house were either supported, made by or distributed by him through Kompakt - which he founded - only to become easily the most influential imprint that Europe created. As a DJ, he’s played for millions over the years and his relationship with Porto goes back to the birth of the scene here, Elétrico was a mandatory piece, missing in that puzzle, not any more.

Michael Mayer

Saturday - 20:00
Well known for their music on the Discotexas imprint and their non-stop touring schedule, Moullinex and GPU Panic return to Elétrico in hopes of matching one of the unforgettable moments of last year’s edition, their face-to-face live performance that blew everyone away.

Moullinex ∆ GPU Panic

Saturday - 22:00
The DJ’s DJ, Sven Väth makes his grand Elétrico debut this year. What can be said about 4 decades of a shining career that's taken him around the world dozens of times over? Clearly, too much for a social media post, so be sure you are there to see for yourselves, why he is one-of-a-kind.

Sven Väth

Saturday - 23:00


Known to virtually every club goer in the land, Telma has dropped the label of young talent and has become one of the most celebrated DJs in the country. At ease in every genre of electronic music, she is known for her carefully curated and coherent sets as much as she is recognized for her curious and metamorphosing musical identity. A debut we can’t wait for at Elétrico.


Sunday - 14:00
For his fourth appearance in Elétrico, Porto local David Moreira will once again spin the sounds of Detroit that define his musical identity.

David Moreira

Sunday - 14:00
Danilo Plessow, also known as Motor City Drum Ensemble, is debuting at this year’s Elétrico. From his iconic mixtapes, to his edits of names like Tony Allen, to era-defining selections of disco-gems, Danilo Plessow left his mark on an entire generation of DJ’s and, it could easily be argued, on house and disco themselves. A master of sound and the crafting of musical messages, his visit is one of the inevitable highlights of this year's edition.

Danilo Plessow (MCDE)

Sunday - 16:00
Whether you know him as the curator-in-chief of Running Back, or through his mastery behind the decks in places like Robert Johnson club or the worlds biggest festivals, you will know that Gerd Janson is always a treat for the dancers. A Selector, producer and an absolute titan of the scene, he’ll certainly show Elétrico that if house is a feeling, that feeling is joy!

Gerd Janson

Sunday - 18:00
Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister played one of the great moments of Elétrico’s history, one of perfect alignment with everything we always wanted to see in this venue, and one that only legends could produce. Time to live it again.

Kruder & Dorfmeister

Sunday - 20:00
For many, he is the godfather of the Portuguese electronic scene. Rui Vargas has been spinning records and setting the tone of Portuguese nightlife from its get-go. An early staple of Elétrico, his duties are always the same, to close it off in style. This year is no different.

Rui Vargas

Sunday - 21:30


5 / 6 / 7 JULY 2025